Tips to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Tips to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy - Whether humans can live without kidneys? Kidney is small in size, only fist toddlers. However, renal function is vital for human life. Kidney function separates toxins from the blood and then excreted through the urine. A person whose kidneys do not function means suffering from kidney failure. When a person's kidneys are not functioning, the dirt can not be removed in the blood and become toxic to the body.

People who have been affected by kidney failure had to do dialysis. This process is the process of replacing kidney function by machine. The machine will separate the impurities from the blood and then the blood entered again into the body. If you want kidneys function again, people who have experienced kidney failure should do a kidney transplant. It is possible, however difficult it is to find people who want to donate a kidney is an obstacle. Read also : How To Diet Right, Fast, and Healthty

Kidney structure and anatomy

Before it's too late, kidney health should be maintained properly. Here are some simple tips to maintain healthy kidneys:

1. Control blood pressure

High blood pressure can lead to kidney problems. We can imagine, normal kidneys filter the blood to be very hassle if a sudden increase in blood pressure than normal rate.

2. Drinking enough water

Shortage of drinking problems can also be a trigger for kidney problems. Drink water according to the needs of the body, which is 8 glasses per day.

3. Do not smoke

Cigarettes contain a lot of toxins that can damage the body's organs, one kidney. Avoiding smoking is one wise step to maintain healthy kidneys.

4. Maintain normal blood sugar concentration (diabetics)

Kidney problems is one of the complications that often occur in people with diabetes. So that no complications, people with diabetes should keep their blood sugar remained normal.

5. Avoid stress

Stress has to do with high blood pressure. When we are stressed, then it could be an irregular heartbeat and blood pressure can go up.

6. Diligent exercise

Physical activity is one of the best ways to keep the body's organs, one of which is the kidney. If it is not strong, do light activities such as walking or jogging.

7. Limit the use of anti-pain medication

Anti-pain medications have direct effects damage the kidneys. As much as possible, limit the use of these anti-pain medication.

In the body, vital organs are not only kidney. Other organs must be maintained as best as possible. On another occasion will be discussed on maintaining the health of other organs. Hope it is useful. Read also : Prevent Piles and Hemorrhoids with Delicious and Healthy Food Choices

How to Prevent Diabetes Melitus Naturally

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How to Prevent Diabetes Melitus Naturally - Diabetes Mellitus is a dangerous disease that can cause death. It is actually not because of the severity of diabetes suffered more often from complications of diabetes triggered by itself. That's why it would be nice if we could figure out a way to prevent diabetes mellitus effective. This is because by preventing diabetes mellitus we can reduce the risks. See also : Why Must Have Health Insurance

The first thing you need to know as an effort to prevent diabetes are aware of the fact that diabetes can affect anyone and at anytime. But keep in mind also that the risk of diabetes has doubled in those who have a family history of diabetes. If you fall into this category, you might feel a bit worried. If so then do prevention early on to mitigate these risks.

prevent diabetes melitus

Anything You Need to Do To Prevent Diabetes?

As a prevention course you need to do a few tips to prevent diabetes mellitus as shown below :

1. Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes are needed to be able to avoid diabetes due to lifestyle can increase the risk of diabetes. For example, instant lifestyle lived people in general will greatly impact on increasing their blood sugar levels. This is because the instant lifestyle will tend to eat instant foods are low in calories and high in fat.

Besides low-calorie and high-fat, these foods also contain preservatives, artificial colorings, sweeteners and even flavoring that is not good for the body. If continually consume these foods may lead to cell damage or even network. That's why as much as possible to make lifestyle changes by eating foods that are healthier.

2. Dietary adjustments

Dietary adjustments was also an impact on the risk of diabetes. To reduce the risk of diabetes, it helps you to change your diet. Try to eat regularly in order to keep the body's nutritional needs can be met properly. This is due to malnutrition will be able to interfere with the function of the body so that the impact will result in the body vulnerable to infections and diseases. Read also : How To Diet Right, Fast, and Healthty

3. Balanced diet

A balanced diet is necessary to prevent diabetes before it's too late. Therefore leave a strict diet that can torture your body and can make the body lacks nutrients. Replace it with a balanced diet by eating plenty of vegetables and fresh fruits.

4. Regular exercise

Exercise regularly at least 3-5 times a week are proven to lower the risk of diabetes, especially for those who have a family history of diabetes. With regular exercise you will be able to maintain your weight because exercise will help you burn excess fat in the body.

In addition to help burn excess body fat, regular exercise is proven to expedite the delivery of nutrients to all parts of the body. Most important is regular exercise can help stabilize your blood sugar.

5. Keeping weight

As mentioned in the previous point that in order to keep the weight you have to do regular exercise. This is because regular exercise can optimize the body in burning excess fat. Remember that the accumulation of fat in the body, especially in the area around the abdomen and waist can inhibit the action of the pancreas and trigger cell resistance to insulin. If this is the case then your blood sugar will rise dramatically. Read also : Prevent Piles and Hemorrhoids with Delicious and Healthy Food Choices

Heart Disease Symptoms and Signs of Heart Problems

Symptoms of Heart Disease - Various studies have been carried out to identify baseline characteristics of a heart disease, from infants, adolescents, adults and also parents. With a wide range of research on the symptoms usually occur in people with heart disease have certainly made many people more vigilant in observing the patterns of changes in the body that might be the symptoms of a variety of possible diseases. Read also : How to Prevent Diabetes Melitus Naturally

As it is known that the WHO says heart disease is a disease the number one killer of people in the world, which of course has claimed many lives in different parts of the world. From the data obtained in the year 2008 alone there were 7. 25 million people are there in the world die of heart disease, if presented on the year with total deaths in the year jumlanya approximately 12. 8%. Of course, with these data of heart disease is a disease that is worrying and needs to be watched by everyone. Read also : Prevent Piles and Hemorrhoids with Delicious and Healthy Food Choices

Heart Disease Symptoms

Usually, if a person suffering from a particular disease will no symptoms that arise as well as heart disease, so that by knowing the symptoms can one diagnosed with a particular disease. Although there are common traits including disease other than heart disease is the same as the characteristics of the other, but there are also certain characteristics typical of heart disease and different from the symptoms of other diseases.

Characteristic symptoms of People Affected by Heart Disease

Below are some of the characteristics of heart disease in a person, the initial characteristics in patients with heart disease varies because it depends on the type of heart disease experienced by a person. In addition there is a difference between heart disease with a heart attack, but a lot of people who interpret them with the same meaning. The difference lies in its meaning, if heart disease is the inability of the heart function of pumping blood throughout the body, while a heart attack is a blockage or a diminution of the blood vessels that carry nutrients and oxygen to the heart. Regardless of these differences nonetheless they are still closely linked.

1. In Section Head Pain

Pain in the head if terkenas sun can also be a hallmark someone bermsalah with heart. This influence could cause heart rate slower or faster. In women should also be wary if experiencing a migraine because, according to a study published by the American Academy of eurology headaches in patients with heart disease could have been a result of the storage of blood circulation.

2. Chest Pain

characteristic of the early people could have been exposed to penyait heart of the symptoms of pain in the chest, but the chest pain is not only an early symptom of heart disease, it could be due to other diseases. However, to ensure these conditions, we should be cautious and immediately see a doctor expert. Chest pain in a person who had a heart attack due to blockage of the arteries that lead to the blood can not flow into the whole body.

3. Pain In Body Part

Because clogged arteries cause pain in certain body parts such as if the woman will feel the pain in the left or right hand while the man on the left, other than on the hands, the body that is often painful is shoulder, back, elbow and neck which at times come and go.

4. Easy Feeling Tired

Such as the symptoms of anemia, characteristic of heart disease is one of them also feel tired when someone is just waking up and not doing any strenuous activity. If this is the case certainly should immediately consult with a doctor to confirm the circumstances of the body.

5. Shortness of breath

If a person experiences shortness of breath may be due to the blood vessels caused by blood flow that is distributed throughout the body that can lead to irregular heartbeats, thickening of the heart muscle as well as heart valve abnormalities.

6. Queasy

Symptoms of heart disease is the patient will feel a further thus decreasing appetite nausea, initially swollen abdomen alone but also feel the abdomen in nausea as well

7. Anxiety

Usually people who have heart attacks experience the trauma that raises tension, fear and anxiety, the anxiety is of course to be avoided because it is repopulating trigger a heart attack. Therefore it is recommended to remain calm and as much as possible to eliminate anxiety.

8. Swelling

Another characteristic of a man who suffered from heart disease is the swelling of certain body parts such as the abdomen or in the ankle, this occurs because fluid accumulates in the body.

9. Exit Sweat

Other heart problems is one should be wary if the body is not the body to sweat while doing sports or any activity.

If someone is experiencing symptoms of heart disease as above then please do not jump to the conclusion that the person is suffering from heart disease could have other diseases which almost resemble her symptoms with heart disease. the next step if you have the above symptoms characteristic immediately consult with a doctor to do further diagnosis.

But the most important thing of course is to maintain health before illness attack on certain body parts. By doing regular exercise, eating a balanced diet that begizi and maintain a healthy lifestyle so that the body remains in Keadaa are fit to perform various everyday activity. Read also : How To Diet Right, Fast, and Healthy

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Naturally and Quickly

How to Clean Acne Scars Naturally and Quickly - A lot of problems that appear on the face us, one of them is facial acne. There's only one problem arising from this acne, but also there are problems sequel. Having a pimply face sometimes make an appearance insecure. Acne is a problem that is troublesome when we do not know what the correct way to address them. In addition, sometimes acne also leaves scars that make your face look less attractive. Not many people know about how to get rid of the acne scars. Therefore, here we provide some tips and how to remove acne scars so that your face becomes smooth and naturally clean your back and free from embarrassment. Read also : How to Prevent Acne on Face Naturally

acne scars

1. Cream of Vitamin E

The first way that you can try to get rid of acne scars is to use creams or moisturizers that contain vitamin E in it. Vitamin E is believed to help skin regeneration system that can help acne scars blemishes. Use vitamin E cream on a regular basis, or for maximum results, you can also take vitamin E in capsule form to help improve your ulit from within.

2. Aloe Vera

Furthermore, you can choose to use a product that contains aloe vera to reduce acne scars. The benefits of aloe veracan help diminish scars more quickly and improve the healing process of your skin. Aloe vera is usually available in the form of a cream, gel, or moisturizer. However, each product will have different results on your skin. So you may have to try several products before getting the desired results.

3. Ice Cube

If you are not sure to use products that contain chemicals, you can try to take advantage of ice cubesto get rid of acne scars. The trick is to rub ice cubes on scars or acne scars on the face for at least fifteen minutes will help refresh your skin and diminish scars caused by acne.

4. Tomato

Tomatoes also can use as natural ingredients remove acne scars and black spots on your face. The trick is quite easy just by applying the tomato slices on our face.

5. Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice or cucumber is the right material for removing acne scars, cucumber is also a natural toner for the skin to improve the texture and clean the black stain on the skin.

6. Jicama Fruit

Jicama already in use from the first to care for beauty, water yam has a natural ingredient that can remove dead skin cells on the skin and make acne scars will fade and long remove acne scars on your beautiful face.

7. Detoxification

Finally you can choose to detoxify your body from the inside to improve the condition of your skin. By removing the toxins in the body, it will give good impact for your health skin, so the skin cells regenenerations process will go well. By doing so, the stains on the face caused by the acne scars will be disguised gradually and will eventually disappear.

8. Water

Do you know if about 70% of our body is water? Therefore, no wonder if many people are advised to consume enough water. The white water can moisturize your skin. Read also : Prevent Piles and Hemorrhoids with Delicious and Healthy Food Choices

6 Facts About Milk

6 Facts About Milk - Milk contains many vitamins and nutrients that have benefits both for health. One of these is the calcium is good for bone health. Therefore, many people think that milk is essential for everyday consumption. However, consumption of milk would have to be tailored to the needs of the body. Here are some facts about milk:


1. Milk helps recovery of the body after illness

Milk can help recovery after illness because it contains protein, calcium, and phosphorus. Protein in milk can form new cells or tissues, thus helping the recovery process. Read also : How To Diet Right, Fast, and Healthy

2. Drinking milk before bed makes you sleep better

A hormone that is needed to create a restful sleep. This amino acid will trigger or induce sleep by raising serotonin. Hormone serotonin plays an important role to make people relax and sleep at night. But will make a full awake during the day.

3. Take medication should not be with milk

Milk reduces the absorption of antibiotics in the body, thereby inhibiting the body's absorption of the specific component in the medicine, such as iron. Some medications such as antibiotics containing tetrasiklik which reacts with milk. Another example, the calcium content in milk can interfere with the effectiveness of thyroid medication.

4. Milk causes tooth decay

Milk consumption especially at night can damage teeth. Why? Because during sleep, especially at night, saliva or saliva production is automatically reduced. Well, reduced saliva is the primary means for germs in the mouth to grow and change into sour milk. This acid which initiated the formation of the hole / dental caries.

5. Milk causes diarrhea For those who have lactose intolerance, when consuming milk containing lactose can indeed cause diarrhea. For those who experience it, can not choose milk contains lactose, soy milk for example.

6. Milk makes the skin smooth Milk contains vitamins A and D which helps make the skin smooth and healthy. In addition, important minerals such as iron, calcium, and copper in milk can promote the health and strength of the skin cells. Protein and iron in the milk can slow the aging process, the role of lactic acid in milk moisturize the skin and encourage the growth of healthy new skin cells. Read also : Heart Disease Symptoms and Signs ofHeart Problems

Benefits of Sleep for Health

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Benefits of Sleep for Health - As has been known that sleep is one of the factors supporting the health of the body because the body needs a break after doing various activities. Adequate sleep will impact on everyday life. When it became clear that quality sleep is very beneficial, there are still many people who do not realize how long it takes the body's sleep and why sleep is very important. Read also 6 Facts About Milk


Sleeping with enough to make health well preserved restore mood and avoid the black eye bags or panda eyes and various other health problems. Enough sleep is an important thing in adopting a healthy lifestyle and can be beneficial for your heart, weight, mind and there are many more benefits of sleep a night with fairly. And below are some of the benefits of sleep for health

1. Improve memory

Do you know if your mind is very busy if you're awake ?. During sleep we will strengthen memory, and practice the skills learned while awake (this is the process called consolidation). If you try to learn something, be it physical or mental, then the next you will practice. But something happens when you sleep, that is something that makes you become a better learning. In other words, if you try to learn something, then the result will look better after you sleep.

2. A chance to live longer

Too much or too little sleep is associated with a shorter lifespan, although it is not clear what the cause and effect. In a study of women aged 50 to 79 in 2010, more deaths occur in women who sleep less than five hours or less each night. Read also How to Prevent Diabetes Melitus Naturally

3. Sleep affects quality of life.

Many people consider trivial to bedtime. But in fact, if you have a better sleep, then you can certainly live better.

4. Prevent inflammation

Inflammation is a condition that is strongly associated with heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and premature aging. Research shows that people who sleep less, six hours of sleep or less each night, have high levels of inflammatory proteins in the blood are higher when compared with those having more sleep. A study in 2010 found that C-reactive protein, which is associated with heart attack risk, higher in those who had a night's sleep six hours or less. People with sleep apnea or insomnia problems can increase blood pressure and inflammation with the use of medication to sleep disorders.

5. Spur creativity

Get a good night's sleep before you leave the house for work. In addition to consolidating and strengthening the memory, the brain will reorganize and restructure the memory, thus giving us more creativity. Researchers at Harvard University and Boston College found that during sleep seems to strengthen the emotional component of the memory, which can help spur the creative process.

6. Being a sports champion

If you are an athlete, maybe sleep is one simple way to improve your performance. A study by Stanford University found that: Players disebuah college football who try to sleep at least 10 hours every night for seven to eight weeks, the average increase sprint time, not too tired during the day, and have more stamina. Results of this research reflects previous findings, namely seen in tennis players and athletes swim.

7. Improve academic grades

Children aged between the ages of 10 and 16 who have a sleep breathing disorders, such as snoring, sleep apnea, and other types of disordered breathing during sleep, is more likely to have problems with attention and learning - according to a 2010 study in the journal Sleep. This could lead to significant functional impairment in school according to the study authors. In another study, students who do not get enough sleep have worse grades than those who get enough sleep. For those who are trying to meet deadlines, will usually sacrifice sleep. However, severe sleep deprivation clearly interferes with learning.

8. Prevents hyperactivity in children

Lack of sleep can lead to symptoms of ADHD in children. Children do not react the same as in adults if lack of sleep. If adults sleepy, then kids tend to be hyperactive if lack of sleep

A 2009 study in the journal Pediatrics found that children aged seven and eight years old who get less than eight hours of sleep a night, more likely to be hyperactive, inattentive, and impulsive. The researchers diagnose and quantify sleep time by measuring electrical changes in the brain. So it is not surprising that sleep affects the brain.

9. Having a healthy weight

If you think about a diet to lose weight, you may also need to plan time to sleep early. Researchers at the University of Chicago found that people who diet with a good break, more experienced fat loss of up to 56% of body weight. In contrast with those less sleep, which actually lose more muscle mass. Still in this study, those who got little sleep feel more hungry. Sleep and metabolism are controlled by the same sector of the brain, so that when you are sleepy, certain hormones in the body will rise in the blood and encourage appetite.

10. Lower stress

In matters of health, stress and sleep are two things that almost fused, and both can affect heart health. Certainly sleep can reduce stress levels, and thus more people can control their blood pressure better. Is believed also that sleep has an effect with cholesterol levels, which are crucial for heart disease.

11. Avoid accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported on the results of the study in 2009, that lack of sleep contributes the highest number of fatal single-car accident human error factor, even higher than under the influence of alcohol. Drowsiness is often overlooked by most people, even though the result can be very large in the community. Lack of sleep can affect reaction time and decision making. Lack of sleep though only one night can impair your driving ability such as drinking beverages containing alcohol

12. Distanced from depression

Deep sleep is not just to improve mood and reduce angry, but it is also significant for our overall well-being.

Lack of sleep can lead to depression. Quality night's sleep really can help people with depression and reduce anxiety. You will get a lot more emotional stability if get a good sleep.

Good sleep should be obtained every day. Can not, if less sleep previously collected and combined into one with a bed all day on Sunday. Everything needed balance.

Because of the importance of sleep for welfare benefits as a whole, should avoid things that can trigger insomnia. Avoid caffeine just before bed, and make sure your bed is dark and cozy, or avoid scary movies before bedtime. Read also Tips to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

10 Natural Wrinkle Treatment for Wrinkle Prevention

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10 Natural Wrinkle Treatment for Wrinkle Prevention - Has face that always looked young, fresh, clean, and beautiful all the time is the desire of anyone. Face like it is not impossible can be held in a long time. Although it has become a law of nature, at the age of aging will be visible wrinkles on the face and indicates your age was the age of 40s. To avoid wrinkles on the face of a lot to do even have to spend money that is good enough to buy beauty products .

Read Also: 6 Facts About Milk

In addition to beauty products, pal doctors should be able to have a face without wrinkles easily. Much can be done naturally for eliminating wrinkles in the face. These ways besides safe without side effects, nor peru pocket that weighed heavily on you.

Here are 10 ways to naturally remove wrinkles on the face

winkle treatment

1. Honey

From the past until now honey is an herb that is powerful enough for all diseases. No exception on facials, honey is effective in reducing and preventing wrinkles in the face. Companions doctors do not need to get it and use it. It is very easy, first wash your face with warm water and apply a little honey to your face and let sit for 20-30 minutes later rinse face with warm water again and refresh with ice cubes, make sure all parts are washed in honey basting.

2. Olive Oil and Lemon

Olive oil can help provide moisture to the skin. Rich in vitamin C, D, and E, antioxidants and iron that are useful to regenerate skin. While lemon makes skin brighter and radiant, if both the join can help reduce wrinkles on the skin, to cope with the extra oatmeal and egg whites dull face for facial skin tightening.

3. Milk Powder

Milk powder is also very believable to restore the skin's moisture and mnghilangkan wrinkles. Companions doctor may try to combine 4 tablespoons of powdered milk, 2 tablespoons honey, 2 tablespoons warm water mix well, then apply on the face evenly avoiding around the eyes and mouth, cover your face with a small towel that was in the wet with warm water let stand until 10 minutes, clean the rest of the mask on the face with the little towel, then dry the face. In this way you will surely feel the biscuits were moist and not keruiput again.

4. Bananas

Bananas are one of the fruits that get used to prevent skin wrinkles. Bananas are believed to be the most effective natural ingredients and is easy to be made in anti-wrinkle face cream. The trick pulverized one or two bananas until it is destroyed and resembling soft cream, apply throughout the surface of the face leave for more than 30 minutes then wash with warm water, pat your skin do not ever wipe it dry.

5. Cucumber

Cucumber is widely used in addition to the mask, of course, also useful for anti-wrinkle treatment. Cucumbers can cleanse the face, where wrinkles are also deisebabkan by dirt face attached. Cucumber Skin Galvanic Spa treatment for quite sliced thinly then affixed to the face that is clean, he is believed to soften and refresh the skin, eliminating wrinkles. Sahabat doctor can also take advantage of cucumber seeds remedy masks.

6. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used for the treatment of a doctor friend prevents skin wrinkles. But the coconut oil used must be natural hand processed, unprocessed plant sold in stores. Virgin coconut oil is able to lift the dry skin that cause wrinkles, just by applying a warm coconut oil to all parts of the face, do this activity at any time you need to maintain the firmness of your skin.

7. Tomato

Besides tomatoes are also very easy to obtain affordable. Tomatoes can also be used to retain moisture and firmness of your skin. It's easy enough sliced tomatoes and add honey and thoroughly mixed, applied to the face, effectively to eliminate wrinkles.

8. Leather Watermelon

When eating watermelon, pal doctors do not immediately throw away the skin. Watermelon rind can be used as a polisher advance as texture thirst. In addition watermelon rind washed after use can refresh and smooth the skin.

9. Pineapple

Pineapple is one of the fruits that contain lots of vitamin C. Besides beneficial as vitamin content is also very effective to remove wrinkles on the face. Companions doctor applying enough meat pineapple face troubled, for example around the eyes and mouth and others. Let the pineapple liquid is dried for 20 minutes then rinse with warm or cold water.

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10. Leaf Tea

In Japan, tea has always been a mainstay of Japanese women in maintaining skin firmness. Rich tea leaves with more 400 contents of chemical elements, the most important of which are catechins, compounds Aromatic Oil, compound carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and other Pectin, a natural health drink of galvanic skin spa, in addition to healthy can keep skin clean and glowing, delaying and reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the face, can even prevent a variety of skin diseases, but needs to be taken not to drink strong tea.